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Meaningful counseling for a meaningful life.



Licensed Professional Counselor


My Approach:

I want the process of counseling to be a safe journey towards the life my clients can say "yes" to. I believe in the client being the expert of themselves, and their path is set by their dreams, hopes, and desires, not my agenda. I believe a full, beautiful life is possible for all people, I want to help you in your path towards that beauty, whatever that may mean to you.

I work from a humanistic perspective meaning that I believe humans are naturally good and possess the abilities to live the lives they want to live.

I strive to create a safe, brave space for all clients but particularly for clients who are part of marginalized groups. 



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All people are welcomed and all experiences are honored.

My therapeutic approach and perspective are individual and unique to each person. I strive to consider not only personal history and values, but also sociocultural history and values that affect each client, examples including: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexual preference and orientation; religion, spirituality, or areligiousness; geographic upbringing; disability; chronic illness; and body size.

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For children beginning at age 10, adolescents, and adults.

One-on-one talk based therapy. Each session is 50-55 minutes in length. Clients who attend individual counseling vary in needs and concerning issues. The most common issues addressed (but are not limited to):

  • Depressive Symptoms

  • Anxiety Symptoms

  • Romantic, platonic, or familial relationship issues

  • Workplace issues

  • Schooling issues

  • Life purpose

  • Grief

  • Identity

  • Life transitions 

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For improvement of the functionality of the family structure.

In family therapy, the family is the client, rather than the individuals making up the family. Family therapy is helpful when the cause of concern is the functioning  of the family as a whole, rather than on an individual level. In family therapy, all participating members work together with the therapist to improve the family dynamic. Sessions are 50-55 minutes in length.

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Counseling services for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Level 1 (Asperger's Syndrome).

Individual and family counseling services are catered to the individual. Issues most addressed in sessions include:

  • Anxiety

    • Especially social anxiety and OCD

  • Depression

  • Identity concerns

  • Difficulties in creating and maintaining relationships

  • Social isolation

  • Expanding psychological flexibility

  • Acceptance of self and discovery of values and goals

  • Advocating for accommodations within formal settings such as work or school and informal settings such as friendships and romantic relationships.

  • Psychoeducation for family members, friends, romantic partners, employers, school staff, medical staff, etc.


For the meaning of life differs from man to man, from day to day and from hour to hour. What matters, therefore, is not the meaning of life in general but rather the specific meaning of a person's life in a given moment.

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Each workshop is 2 hours long. CEUs available for Counselors and Social Workers. 

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